The right solution for every flooring need
  • Hospitals, schools, airplane hangers, military bases.
  • Production facilities, warehouse distribution, shipping & receiving.
  • Food production, pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronics, medical, chemical.
  • The list goes on and on.

  • Epoxy flooring systems for new construction or rehabilitating older facilites.
  • Seamless solutions to create safe, light reflective surfaces with lower maintenance costs.
  • Decorative areas for showrooms, breakrooms, and child care areas.

  • Resinous flooring systems have long been the industry standard for the food industry.
  • FDA approved systems for every corner of your facility.
  • Epoxy or urethane systems that resist the attack of aggressive organic chemicals, stand-up to the rigors of aggressive cleaning protocols and are capable of handling the torture of relentless traffic.
  • Systems are chosen based upon area requirements & budget - functionality is paramount.
  • Slip-resistant textures and proper slope to drain work areas create safe and sanitary work surfaces.
  • Troweled epoxy mortarts rehabilitate distressed concrete.
  • Providing interior and exterior solutions for your harsh environments including processing areas, packaging lines, labs & control rooms, break rooms & cafeterias, drum storage, chemical storage and secondary containment, coolers & freezers, etc.

Clean rooms, manufacturing, production, storage, qc labratories, etc.
  • Epoxy floor and wall systems deliver industry standard solutions.
  • Decorative troweled quartz aggregate systems in either epoxy or urethane chemistries.
  • Fiberglass reinforced or elastomeric seamless wall systems.
  • Integral seamless cove base, radii installed at the wall and ceiling corners and smooth cove to wall transitions provide pharmaceutical grade floor to ceiling cleanability.
  • Systems to handle thermal cycling under autoclaves, vessel flushing and C.I.P. process areas.
  • Poured resilient flooring dampens noise, resist chipping and delivers a softer feel than traditional epoxy flooring systems.
  • Self-leveling, seamlessly poured clean room flooring with or without esd characteristics for low friction, ultra smooth flooring surfaces.
  • Secondary containment capable products for chemical storage.

  • Secondary containment capable products for chemical storage.
  • Chemistry specific solutions to resist degradation, providing long term containment.
  • Addressing your specific need with solutions ranging from fiberglass reinforced systems to sprayed, elastomeric, polyurea linings.

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