• Qualified to perform moisture testing using anhydrous calcium chloride to measure moisture vapor emission rate of concrete sub-floor to ASTM standards.
  • Moisture in or below concrete slabs leads to adhesion problems with most floor coverings including vinyl, carpet, resinous systems and rubber flooring.
  • As water vapor moves through a concrete slab, it concentrates soluble alkaline materials (i.e. sodium, calcium hydroxides and potassium) at the surface of the concrete. These corrosive compounds will attack flooring adhesives & resinous flooring systems. This damage is evidenced by disbonding, osmotic blisters, mold and staining.
  • Black staining at vinyl seams and vinyl curling are common visual symptoms of flooring failure due to unmitigated vapor transmission.

  • VAPOR-GUARD DC reduces water vapor and alkalinity at the surface, protecting the bond line between the concrete slab and the flooring systems.
  • VAPOR-GUARD DC is a plural component, synthetic-polymer formulated specifically for concrete slabs.
  • VAPOR-GUARD DC has negligible voc content because it does not contain proteins, latex additives or other organic compounds that can support biological growth such as bacteria or mold.
  • VAPOR-GUARD DC is a proven solution beneath the following systems: Resinous floors & coatings, vinyl, rubber, carpet, wood, engineered floating floors and engineered concrete float systems.
  • Cementitous overlays are commonly applied directly over vapor-guard dc to fill in substrate imperfections such as cracks, spalls and surface preparation lines prior to finish flooring overlayments.
  • 15 year limited warranty when installed by a certified installer.

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